Living Out the Works of Mercy in the Community

In an effort to engage the youth of the parish community of Saints Peter and Paul in Williamsburg, NY in the spirit of the Year of Mercy, we organized a Day of Service in the community on Friday November 11th, Veterans Day. The youth of the parish were all invited to participate in the morning liturgy at Epiphany Church at 9:30 a.m. and meditate on the message of working towards our personal sanctity. We are called to be saints and we are able to rely on the grace God gives us by means of prayer and the sacraments. The youth then gathered in the Soup Kitchen of the church in order to bake goods for some homebound parishioners they would be visiting later in the day.

The two homebound parishioners joyfully welcomed the youth into their homes in the afternoon and were edified by their desire to visit those who oftentimes are forgotten and alone. The youth brought each of them the baked goods they had prepared, sang songs on the ukulele, and desired to spend some time with them. Accompanied by the Eucharistic Ministers to the Homebound, the youth learned about these two sick members of the community and prayed with them for the grace they need to carry their cross with peace. One of the homebound parishioners encouraged the youth to “stay on the right path”: one of service and joy, doing good to those around them, and praying for the grace to do God’s will each day.

At the conclusion of this day of service in the community, the youth returned to the parish to pray for the intentions of Pope Francis in order to gain the indulgences united to these corporal and spiritual works of mercy. We thank God for the energy of our youth and for their disposition to serve those who are in need.

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