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New Beginnings For Williamsburg Parish
April 4, 2016, NetTV

Tears are shed as parishioners process out of SS. Peter and Paul, Williamsburg. The current church building is being closed so that a new, renovated worship space can be built in the former parochial school. Currents Correspondent Katie Breidenbach reports on the closing of one chapter, and the beginning of another for one of the oldest parishes in Brooklyn.

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SS Peter and Paul Begins Transition From Old Church to New Space

overview-of-church_-DSC_0364-562x375Divine Mercy Sunday was a historic time in the life of SS. Peter and Paul-Epiphany parish, Williamsburg. The community celebrated the last Mass at the current church during a bilingual transitional Mass, followed by a procession to the parochial school building, which will be the site of the new church.

New Church Will Bring New Life to B’klyn Parish

New Church Will Bring New Life to B’klyn Parish
February 10, 2016
By Maria-Pia Negro Chin

potential-new-church-altar_2-533x375SS. Peter and Paul parishioners in Williamsburg look forward to moving to a new church building in the next two years. The new worship site will be located at the old parochial school building, McCaddin Memorial Hall.

The renovated space will also house classrooms for faith formation and a theater.

The changes are part of a strategic plan that involves the canonical process of “reducing” the current church to the profane in order to lease it and finance the new church. The idea came from an ongoing concern about the future of SS. Peter and Paul, due to a changing population and financial challenges that were preventing the parish from being financially self-sufficient and not dependent on diocesan central funds. Read More

Plans for the Future

Decree of Reduction
Read the Decree of Reduction

Read the Decree of Reduction for Sts. Peter and Paul Church from the Diocese of Brooklyn.

As Msgr. Hernandez first met with different groups of Saints Peter and Paul Parish, I’ve received very good feedback about the changes that are being planned for our parish. At first, people were worried as they thought of the possibility that the parish would close due to finances. When Monsignor Hernandez, Father Juan, Father Kuroly, Rudy Vargas and the Sisters Servant of the Lord held different meetings and explained in detail the project, they wanted to hear the concerns, opinions, and questions of the parishioners. The parishioners gave a very positive response with acceptance and enthusiasm. Their one concern was whether or not there would be adequate space for parishioners to congregate and celebrate the Eucharist during the construction process. This concern was quickly dissipated when all were assure that a plan would be in place so that the celebration of the sacraments would not be interrupted. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere in our community is filled with joy and hope that a new and beautiful church will be given for this and future generations.

-Hugo Morel

Desde que Monseñor Hernández se reunió por primera vez con los diferentes grupos de la Parroquia Santos Pedro y Pablo, he escuchado muy buenos comentarios acerca de los cambios que se están planeando para nuestra Parroquia. Al principio, la gente estaba preocupada porque pensaban en la posibilidad de que se cerrara la Iglesia por falta de recursos económicos. Tan pronto Monseñor Hernández, Padre Juan, Padre Kuroly, Rudy Vargas y las Hermanas Servidoras del Señor en diferentes reuniones explicaron de qué se trataba este proyecto, y que querían escuchar las opiniones de los feligreses, inmediatamente hubo una muy buena aceptación. Sólo había una preocupación: la posibilidad de que no hubiera un espacio para congregarnos y celebrar la Eucaristía durante el proceso de construcción. Esta duda fue disipada cuando nos aseguraron que eso no pasaría. Sin lugar a dudas, el ambiente en nuestra comunidad es de alegría y de esperanza, pues vamos a dejar una hermosa iglesia para las futuras generaciones.

-Hugo Morel

Original Sts. Peter and Paul Church, 1848, Patrick C. Keely Architect


Ss peter_and_paul, epiphany, diocese of brooklyn, williamsburg, catholic, church, desales media, keeley
Original Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Demolished after fire, 1957
Ss peter_and_paul, epiphany, diocese of brooklyn, williamsburg, catholic, church, desales media
Exterior plan for the New Church of Sts. Peter and Paul
Ss peter_and_paul, epiphany, diocese of brooklyn, williamsburg, catholic, church, desales media
Interior plan for the New Church of Sts. Peter and Paul