SS Peter Paul Priest, William Farrell, An Example Of Muscular Christianity

Remembering Brooklyn Priest Who Took On City, and Ears of the Police
New York Times
April 28, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.38.36 AMRev. William B. Farrell was the pastor of SS Peter and Paul Church a century ago when his battle with New York City officials over reforming the city’s welfare system led to hearings, and headlines, that exposed a widespread pattern of wiretapping by the New York Police Department dating back to at least 1895.

“Here we have an example of muscular Christianity,” said Father Jordan, who compared Father Farrell to the apostle Paul, “a strong evangelist who put his word into social action.”

He told congregants about Father Farrell’s public war with city leaders at a time when they were seeking to diminish Catholic Charities’ role in caring for widows and orphans, and how it led to a Police Department wiretapping scandal. Read More…